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Pure passion since 1911. Benelli is about passion and lots more… Heritage, emotion, innovation and more than 100 years of groundbreaking models, advanced technology, racing victories and world-renowned riders have made Benelli legendary! Elegant as well as sporting, Benelli motorcycles are created to meet the requirements of even of the most demanding rider, ensuring the ultimate riding experience. A Benelli motorcycle has personality to spare and is immediately recognizable for its engaging design and unmistakable, sporty looks. Innovative design concepts are implemented for all models, thanks to the expertise of the Benelli R&D center in Pesaro, Italy. In addition, Benelli is able to serve its passionate buyers with a widespread and efficient distribution network which covers the globe. This passion is the first priority of everyone working together at Benelli. Since 2005 Benelli has been a part of the Qjian Jiang (QJ) group, the largest capacity manufacturer of motorcycles in China. QJ produces over 1,200,000 vehicles per year at its super modern factory in Wenling, about 250 miles from Shanghai. With over 14,000 employees, the factory is as big as a city! This historic brand from Pesaro has introduced Qjian Jiang to the world. Benelli is ready for future challenges thanks to an approach that combines Italian style and engineering with the business approach and global vision of a large company. All brand new models get the DNA and history of Benelli built in, celebrating the original look, innovation and brand strength that made Benelli World Champions. Benelli opens doors to past, present and future motorcycle enthusiasts thanks to brand new models with innovative designs and unforgettable styling, while at the same time making them easy to ride.


  • 1911 - 1934

  • 1940 - 1950

  • 1950 - 1980

  • 1990 - اليوم


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The thousand square meters of the "Officine Benelli" in Viale Mameli 22. Pesaro, Italy.
Located on the old Benelli factory, 150 Benelli and MotoBi motorcycles are now on permanent display.

The Legacy

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ذا لوجو

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