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Embrace your passion for adventure on Benelli’s confidence-inspiring TRK 251. Elegant, nimble, and eminently user-friendly, the TRK 251 was designed from the ground up to provide riders of all backgrounds with the tool necessary to enthusiastically conquer even the most ambitious of two-wheeled journeys. Newer riders will immediately feel experienced beyond their miles thanks to the sensation of total control offered by an ultra-versatile and compliant motorcycle that ably handles almost any riding scenario its pilot can dream up. Meanwhile, veteran riders will feel the excitement of their first ride all over again, thanks to the possibilities unlocked by an adventure touring machine that is both lightweight and maneuverable. And, of course, riders across the spectrum can appreciate its dynamic, stylish appearance that’s a step outside the ordinary and the century of prestige and engineering excellence emblemized by its Benelli badge. The TRK 251 is a meticulously engineered expression of agility, utility, and nobility. Armed with the latest-generation of Benelli’s irrepressible 249cc four-stroke, four-valve single-cylinder engine, its power is transformed by iconic lines into nimble performance via its steel trellis chassis and high-spec suspension and brakes. All the while, the TRK 251’s supremely balanced ergonomics and massive 18-liter fuel tank invite riders to explore their world in open-ending tours that stretch hundreds of kilometers between refuelings. Big adventures come in small packages -- and they are well within your reach -- thanks to TRK 251, where capability and affordability unexpectedly unite. So go on tour with the Benelli TRK 251 -- your newest travel companion.

Características principales

41mm inverted front forks and a centrally dampened rear swingarm were designed to excel across a wide range of conditions, while its four-caliper 280mm diameter front disc brake and 240mm diameter rear disc brake -- complete with dual channel ABS offered as standard -- will send its rider’s confidence soaring to new heights.
Ultra-modern in appearance and brilliant in performance, the twin projector headlights offer the perfect solution to see and be seen.
Total situational awareness and amazing style come in the form of a fully digital display.
Roaring reliability reimagined. The beating heart driving this little lion is the latest-generation of Benelli’s exceptional 250cc single-cylinder powerplant. Delivering outstanding torque (21N·m at 9000rpm), plentiful power (25.5 horsepower at 9250rpm), trademark reliability, and smooth-as-glass performance characteristics, the TRK 251’s revised mill extracts maximum benefit from its technological advantages which include EFI, DOHC, and TLI injection.


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